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Measuring Size: breast enlargement

Beatrice Voirol

In Switzerland, approximately 5,000 women a year have their breasts enlarged1

The female breast is in the spotlight; after all, according to a Greek saga, our galaxy was created by milk spurting from Hera's bosom. It is hardly surprising that breasts are at the top of the list of cosmetic surgeries. The beauty industry has grown into a multi-billion industry2 , which feeds not least on the socially produced fixation on the body.3 The physical modification with operatively optimized breasts from an A to a C cup can be valuable investment.4 Enlarging the breasts, the epitome of the feminine, appears to be the patent recipe for social advancement and illustrates how closely the economy, finances and the female body are connected.5 There are many ways to make the décolleté more voluptuous.6 What is new is that, with the omnipresence of the media, every part of the body is illuminated, and in this spotlight the potentially imperfect can become something that must be corrected by an operation. This aspiration for perfection is fuelled enormously by mass media.7




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Serena Lo Presti, MKB