Things Interpretations Dimensions


Online-Publication «BIG Things Interpretations Dimensions»
Eds.: Museum der Kulturen Basel

This publication was made for the exhibition «BIG Things Interpretations Dimensions», from July 1, 2016


© 2016 Museum der Kulturen Basel, MKB

© 2016 Illustrations: see credits

© 2016 Movies: see credits


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Editing: Anna Schmid, Beatrice Voirol

Proof-reading: Andrea Mašek

English translation: Nigel Stephenson, Basel

Design: TATIN Design Studio GmbH, Basel

Programming: Sukoa AG <Interactive Technologies>, Basel

CMS: Magnolia



Object photography: Omar Lemke, MKB

Picture puzzle: Andrey Fedorchenko

Other Illustrations: see credits



Kanu belong Keram: © Daniel von Rüdiger 2016

Transport of big objects: Production Thomas Maier Digital Media, Production & Consulting;

© MKB 2016; Production was made possible through financial support of the Werenfels-Fonds.

Short film interviews with curators: Production management Fabian Kempter; idea, shots and cut by students of the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst (Anja Birrer, Antea Cazzato, Johanna Bühler, Martina Hareter, Melanie Jaeger, Min Young Kim, Monica Salcedo, Muriel Perret, Nicole Reichenback, Sarah Sbalchiero, Simone Hörler, Sonja Käser) © MKB 2016


Recommended citation:

Museum der Kulturen Basel (Eds.) 2016. BIG Things Interpretations Dimensions. Digital publication accompanying the exhibition from July 1, 2016. Basel: Museum der Kulturen Basel.